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How My Dad's Timeless Advice Got Me a $15k Raise During a Recession

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My father died when I was 17.

Seventeen: Old enough to think I was ready to handle life. Young enough not to know any better.

Almost 15 years after my dad died, at the height of the 2008 U.S. economic recession, I got blindsided – fired without warning from the best, safest and highest-paying job I’d ever had. 

Yet, four days later, I had two new job offers, including one that ended up being $15,000 higher in base salary than the position I’d just been fired from.

And it all had to do with something I’d observed in my dad ...


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the video I can’t stop watching

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The first time I watched, it struck me like a thunderbolt to the soul.

It cuts directly to the core of humanity, business and life.

I've been watching it every day, and picking up new nuggets each time.

And here’s the one simple secret it contains that will help you generate more leads and close more sales ...


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it was terrifying

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We pulled into the restaurant's parking lot, ready for a serene Sunday evening dinner as a family.

My wife opened her passenger side door, unaware of the impending terror that awaited her.

Glancing back to tell the kids one more thing, she shut her car door, then turned into the face of pure, 100 percent ferocity ... the likes of which is rarely seen on a Sunday evening in your average suburban parking lot.

Sara reacted to this unexpected moment with a scream that would make a b-movie horror actress grin with envy ...

I managed to calm my shaking hands long enough to snap a few shots of the ferocity in action -

In business (and life), far too often we can get scared by something (a new action or approach, perhaps?) that seems scary until we look a bit deeper.

For example, have you tried using LinkedIn lately to generate sales leads and add new clients?

Has it left you in (virtual) terror not knowing what to say to people you do connect with so you don't come across sounding like a used car salesman?

If that's the case, I want you to join me this week on a series of free, live trainings (yes, it's really live!) where I'll walk you through my latest and greatest strategies, scripts and tips for winning new business with LinkedIn ...


Can You Write Copy Like This?

I’m looking for storytellers who can interview a client, find those personal stories every client has and turn them into the type of compelling, curiosity-invoking copy that hooks prospective clients and shares the business lesson or call to action that the copy needs to achieve.

The formula is quite simple, to be honest …

Personal Story + Business Lesson = Content

If you can write copy like what I’ve shared above, then I want to hire you.

Send examples of your BEST work to hr@nemomediagroup.com and put the word "Superstar" in the subject line.

I’m looking for a copywriter and strategist to help our growing “Done For You” marketing agency create:

  • Emails
  • eBooks
  • 1-on-1 LinkedIn messages
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Video series outlines and scripts
  • Webinar outlines and scripts

Demonstrating vs. Claiming

Now, if you don’t have examples of (or can’t create) the type of content I’ve shared above, please don’t waste your time (or ours).

The thing is, there are plenty of decent, average copywriters and creative strategists making a good living right now.

But I’m not looking for those people. 

I’m looking for A-List, top-shelf, superstar talent.

(And I pay accordingly!)

Show me you have what it takes, and send me your BEST work.

I don’t need to hear how great you are, who you’ve worked with or what you’ve done - I need to SEE your talent in action.

Here’s why …

Anyone can claim authority online. Few can actually demonstrate it.

Meaning, if you can show me you have what it takes, I’m going to hire you.

Our Story

Now, if you want to take a deep dive into what Nemo Media Group is all about and why you’d love working with our A-List roster of creative talent, you can go here to read more about what we do and what we care about.

Are You Ready?

Even if you don’t have a fancy résumé or client list, show me your talent and hustle and create some copy that knocks our socks off.

The way I work, talent trumps experience and moves you to the front of the line - it doesn’t matter if you’re 24 or 74 - if you have the goods, we’ll know.

So, if you’re serious, then send samples of your best work ASAP to hr@nemomediagroup.com and put the word "Superstar" in the subject line.

Want To Become a Superstar?

Or, if you’re being honest with yourself and know you need to up your game in order to create copy like this, invest in some of our online courses and learn from the best before you apply to work with us!