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We are looking for hardworking, digitally savvy freelance Project Manager + LinkedIn Strategy Specialists that can adopt our proven processes, manage all the details, and vet leads for our awesome clients.


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Why Work With Nemo Media Group
What makes our marketing and lead generation agency special?

Our core values!

Hear us out:

At the center of Nemo Media Group is our guiding light: Family First!

This is just one of the main reasons we embrace the remote work culture and are looking for amazing team members like you that build their work and responsibilities around their family life, not the other way around.

Remote work isn’t a walk in the park though.

We’re all self-starters and own our work here. We hit our deadlines and eschew excuses. We get the job done and we communicate quickly and directly when we have questions or need further direction.

So with that responsibility in mind and using Family First! as our baseline, our Core Values are:

1. High Quality, Big Impact
2. Make Them Smile
3. Own Your Work & Be Humble

Do these resonate with you? Yes?! Then keep reading:

Top Three Responsibilities
Here are your top three responsibilities at Nemo Media Group:

1. Impeccable Setup (Tool Setup & Management, Quality Control)
2. Timely Results (Project Management)
3. Happy Client (Client Management)

What do those mean exactly?

It means you’ll lead the way in our 60-minute intake call with the Client during their onboarding process and are expected to collaborate with our creative team on the Client’s campaign and strategy through Basecamp.

It means you are responsible for correctly setting up and managing the Client’s marketing and automation accounts, including:

  • LinkedIn: update profile from top to bottom using our copywriter’s content
  • Zopto: LinkedIn message scripts, and lead generation funnels
  • Ontraport: landing pages, long-form emails, and lead magnet funnels
  • Typeform: prequalification surveys, conditional logic jumps, and automated notifications

It means that everything for a project flows through you and you are responsible for internal quality control of all deliverables before the Client sees them.

It means you guide our clients through our projects (often 3-6 months long), posting succinct project updates in Basecamp each Monday for them and conducting a 30-minute Zoom meeting with them at least once a month.

It means you are assigning tasks and due dates to both our clients and our team members, and following up on every detail so nothing slips through the cracks (a lot of our clients are in the coaching and consulting industry FYI).

As a LinkedIn Strategy Specialist, it also means that for two-thirds of the project, you are monitoring the Client’s LinkedIn inbox through Zopto on a daily basis, tracking all engagements and leads in a shared Google spreadsheet, and interfacing with the Client regularly through Basecamp to make sure they are receiving the right leads.

As we’re a fast-paced agency with a tight group of contractors, we expect you to have excellent and professional written communication skills, not just to communicate with Clients, but also in your internal communications with our team members. Most of us work normal business hours in the Central time zone FYI.

Ready to interview?!
This all sounds like a great gig, right?


Before we put a ring on it, let’s clarify a couple things:

1. This is an independent contractor position
2. Yes, you need to have prior experience with managing digital projects
3. Bonus points if you have experience with LinkedIn Sales Navigator!

Sounds good? Okay, let’s continue.

Before we get to an interview, here are the next steps in our hiring process:

1. Fill out our application below
2. Expect to hear from us (whether we say yay or nay) within one business week or less if you fill out our application 100%
3. If it looks like a mutual fit, we’ll invite you to a 20-minute interview by video conference
4. Again, whether or not we choose to work together, you will hear from us! We know how much it sucks to submit your resume and never hear back. We won’t do that to you!
5. If you like us and we like you after the video interview, we’ll do a test project together and go from there!!

We’re excited to hear from you and look forward to reviewing your application!!


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