We're Hiring - Copy Editor

We need a superstar Copy Editor to ensure the custom, creative content (audio, video and written) that we create for our clients is readable, accurate and ready for our clients to share and post online.

In short, you're the key person to ensure our internal creative team (Copywriters, Designers, etc.) hits the mark at turning vision into reality with the content we create.

If that sounds like something you're interested in, then we should talk!

What You'll Do:

  • Check content to ensure it is well-written, logically structured, etc.
  • Check to ensure content contains a simple, clear message that makes sense for & appeals to target audiences
  • Check text for style and readability – ensure that it’s in line with NMG standards
  • Check and ensure that the "style" and "type" of content (e.g. eBook, LinkedIn profile, email, etc.) follows the style & structure provided by NMG to its copywriters & creatives.
  • Check for correct grammar, punctuation and spelling

Must Haves:

  • Excellent written English, including good spelling and grammar
  • A meticulous approach to work and an eye for detail
  • The ability to maintain high-quality work while meeting tight deadlines
  • Ability to pivot between multiple projects and deadlines
  • Good concentration, to focus on texts that may be lengthy or technical
  • Inherent interest in and curiosity about a variety of topics and how/why things work - that way you can ensure we hit the mark when explaining what our clients do, who they serve, etc.
  • Ability to collaborate in a team environment
  • Good communication skills

What Else You Should Know

This is a remote, contractor position - meaning you work from home and you pretty much choose your own hours.

Other than being available at certain times for Nemo Media Group team meetings and setting up times when clients can talk live with you (as needed) via Zoom, you steer your own ship.

(Please note: We're all grownups, and we own our work and take responsibility and make sure things get done when they're supposed to.)

As we’re a fast-paced agency with a tight group of contractors, we expect you to have excellent and professional written communication skills, not just to communicate with Clients, but also in your internal communications with our team members. Most of us work normal business hours in the Central time zone FYI.

Sound like a fit?

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Also real quick, let’s clarify a couple things:

  1. This is an independent contractor position
  2. Yes, you need to have prior experience as a Copy Editor, preferably with content including email, eBooks, LinkedIn profiles, etc.

Also, before we get to an interview, here are the next steps in our hiring process:

  1. Fill out our application below
  2. Expect to hear from us (whether we say yay or nay) within one business week or less if you fill out our application 100%
  3. If it looks like a mutual fit, we’ll invite you to a 20-minute interview by video conference and/or potentially have you perform a copy editing test for us as well.
  4. Again, whether or not we choose to work together, you will hear from us! We know how much it stinks to submit your resume and never hear back. We won’t do that to you!
  5. If you like us and we like you after the video interview, we’ll do a test project together and go from there.

Okay, that's it!

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Please Note: This role is for U.S. based contractors only.


Why Work With Nemo Media Group?

What makes our "done for you" marketing and lead generation agency special?

Our core values!

Hear us out:

At the center of Nemo Media Group is our guiding light: Family First!

This is just one of the main reasons we embrace the remote work culture and are looking for amazing team members like you that build their work and responsibilities around their family life, not the other way around.

Remote work isn’t a walk in the park though.

We’re all self-starters and own our work here. We hit our deadlines and eschew excuses. We get the job done and we communicate quickly and directly when we have questions or need further direction.

So with that responsibility in mind and using Family First! as our baseline, our Core Values are:

1. High Quality, Big Impact
2. Make Them Smile
3. Own Your Work & Be Humble

Do these resonate with you? Yes?! Then let's talk!

We’re excited to hear from you and look forward to reviewing your application!!