We're Hiring - Senior Content Editor

(Note: This is for a freelance, remote contractor role.)

We’re looking for a superstar who can show us what it looks like to be the BEST Senior Content Editor around … and we’ll pay accordingly!

If you're a former journalist / editor, a longtime freelance writer / editor, and have at least 5+ years of experience editing content, keep reading!

Please note: This Content Editor role is one of THE most important at our entire agency.

As a result, we are ONLY looking for A-List, top-shelf, superstar talent.

Also, we don’t need to hear how great you are, who you’ve worked with or what you’ve done as much as we need to SEE your talent in action.

Here’s why …

Anyone can claim authority online. Few can actually demonstrate it.

Meaning, if you can show us you have what it takes, we're going to hire you!

Your Key Responsibilities

Job #1 is making sure our internal creative work for clients is high-quality and hits the mark both from a marketing strategy AND storytelling standpoint.

Here's the type of creative content we'll be having you edit:

  • Emails
  • eBooks
  • 1-on-1 LinkedIn messages
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • LinkedIn status updates
  • Video series outlines, scripts & video content
  • Webinar outlines, scripts & video content

You’ll need to marry your natural editorial talent, experience and instincts to our overall style of content marketing - a story-based, conversational and permission-based approach that makes outbound marketing personalized and scalable.

(Don't worry, we have lots of examples to share and training on what great content looks like!)

You'll also need to have enough marketing strategy chops to digest & understand what we're trying to accomplish strategically for our client with a certain piece of content, and whether or not our creative team hit that mark in the content you're asked to edit.

Who You Need To Be:

  • Creative, Adaptable, Confident
  • Great Editing, Writing & Interpersonal Communication Skills (You'll need to give our creative feedback / coaching / etc. so they rewrite & improve their content until it meets our ultra-high internal standards)
  • 5+ years of Content Editing experience
  • Marketing Strategy experience / expertise a HUGE plus.
  • Prior experience working with a digital marketing / lead generation agency AND prior experience working remotely isn't required (but would be amazing!)

About Us

Nemo Media Group is a digital marketing and lead generation agency using permission-based, inbound marketing campaigns on LinkedIn to generate engagement and opportunities for our high-ticket clients.

This means we rewrite our clients’ LinkedIn profiles to position them as the go-to expert for their audience, create magnetic messaging and valuable free content offers (like short eBooks) for them, then manage their LinkedIn account and inbox to drive qualified leads to a short survey or calendar link for our clients.

What Makes Us Unique:

  • Story-driven content (personal story + business lesson = content)
  • Short term projects with long term impact (personalized content & outreach + automation tools = evergreen lead generation)
  • Brand protection through permission-based marketing (no spamming or assumptions)
  • Our guarantee to our clients is that we exhaust every possible option to get them engagement and opportunities through our “Done For You” LinkedIn lead generation campaigns and creative content - including eBooks, webinars, videos, podcasts and more.

Is this what you’re looking for?

If so, here’s what the hiring process looks like:

  • Fill out our online application here
  • Complete an online assessment / editing test … again you might CLAIM authority & expertise here, but we need you to DEMONSTRATE it for us, too!
  • If we think it makes sense to talk more, we’ll invite you to a 30-minute interview by Zoom
  • Sign the paperwork (agreement + W9)
  • Last, but not least, you’ll complete our internal training courses (and we pay you for all training!) before jumping into client work.

Can't wait to hear from you!